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S-H-I-N-E伴奏–Frankie laine|S.H.I.N.E

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S H I N E Frankie laine
Hey now Just because my hair is curly
Just because my teeth are pearly
Just because I always wear a smile
Like to dress up in the latest style
Cause I apos m glad I apos m livin
Always be my troubles we face the smile
Just because i apos m always handy always been the find it handy
That apos s why they call me shine
Shine sway your blues apos ies
Why don apos t you shine
Start with your shoes apos ies say now
Shine each place up make it look like new
What was your Shine your face up they
What she wear a smile or two
Hey shine shine shine your these and thoseies
Everything gonna turn out right fine right fine
Folks will shine up to ya
And everybody apos s gonna howdy doody do ya
You apos ll make the whole world
You apos ll make the whole world
You apos ll make the whole world shine